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Station controll panels in Norway

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Tråd: Station controll panels in Norway
Beskjed fra: Greg B
Tråd: Station controll panels in Norway
Posteringsdato: 12 januar 2022 kl. 06:29

I'm looking for information about different types of station controll panels used in Europe. 

I've tried to do the same for Norway, but Google isnt't really helpful with that (or it doesn't return some scope of result in specific location). I've also searched here as far as my norwegian wasn't used for a while now, but I also haven't found answer to my questions. 

This is the example of this kind of device used in Poland" rel="nofollow - . The one above is a standarized modular solution from 70's allowing to build control panels in repeatable way and it's based on Ericsson's license.

What I'm interested about is the way how are/were they build, how they looked and how they worked in Norway. Any help or links may be helpful so thanks in advance.
From my visits in Norway, I remember the look of panel in Kongsvinger station - there was a rather a flat type of a "lights & tracks plan" I believe.

Have you ever seen any kind of station control panels used in signalboxes?

This is my first post on this account so let me introduce myself. My name is Greg, and since I remember being a kid, the most interessting part of railway for me were "lights and buttons". After many years I'm now developing a control system allowing to control model trains traffic safely and according to the real railroad rules.

trainbrains - it depends!

Beskjed fra: TorsteinS
Posteringsdato: 13 januar 2022 kl. 20:48
You'll see some examples on how they looked like if you do an image search on Google for "stillverk", which is the Norwegian word. (The panel itself is called "stillverkspanel", but that gives fewer hits.)

One of them leads to a thread on this forum:" rel="nofollow -

Beskjed fra: Laurenz
Posteringsdato: 14 januar 2022 kl. 02:09
As Torstein said search for stillverk and you can find a number of good photos. There are a number of different kind of control panels. The most common is the big green metal box with white panel(NSI-63), but there are more modern versions as well. Functionality is the same, they just look different. A few station have have upgraded to control panels on the pc. The underlying principle is still the same but some things are done slightly different as you use a mouse instead of switches.

Some of the functionality is explained in this topic." rel="nofollow -

A video showing a train passing trough an a NSI-63" rel="nofollow -

An English wikipedia article on the NSI-63" rel="nofollow -

Beskjed fra: Greg B
Posteringsdato: 17 januar 2022 kl. 14:17
Fantastisk! Takk skal du ha for hjepen!

I can't wait to dive deeper into those topic. 

I'm impressed that those control panels displays full signal aspects for main signal. Most of systems I know presents just some limited type of information, like "Stop!" / "Proceeding allowed" / "Shunting allowed" / "Proceed on sight authority" like here:" rel="nofollow -
But generally speaking it's quite similar to the solution used in PL.

The way how works the solution which I'm working on is shown on my youtube channel, however it's not in English:" rel="nofollow -

I think I need to start creating more in English :P 

trainbrains - it depends!

Beskjed fra: Laurenz
Posteringsdato: 18 januar 2022 kl. 01:24
Displaying the signal identical to the signal outside is actually a safety feature. If the light bulb burns out in the signal outside it will not on the control panel either. This way the dispatcher knows that all light bulbs outside are actually working and show the correct signal.

This does not apply to dwarf signals though. On the panel they are either on or off.

Beskjed fra: Greg B
Posteringsdato: 18 januar 2022 kl. 06:18
Takk. Svarene dine hjalp meg med a finne flere andre nettsider, inkludert:" rel="nofollow -

trainbrains - it depends!

Beskjed fra: Laurenz
Posteringsdato: 20 januar 2022 kl. 07:04

The panel at Bjerka stasjon, just south of Mo i Rana.

Beskjed fra: Laurenz
Posteringsdato: 22 januar 2022 kl. 07:49

Mo i Rana stasjon

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